Project Credits

Little City Recording Studios

(a division of 14 Karat Soul Enterprises, Ltd)

Glenn T. Wright (Glenny T.)
Producer / Artist / Engineer / Web Designer

Tel: 570-992-1400  Fax: 570-992-1333

Little City Recording Studios

(W= Writer  P= Producer   E= Engineer   A= Artist )



14 Karat Soul (W/P/E/A)

Various Albums Releases


Between The Lions (A)

Lead and backing vocals for videos

   “Silent E”, “Mighty Roar That Makes ‘Em Run”



Brian Setzer (A)

Backing vocals for Spring, 2000, album

   “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

   “That’s The Kind Of Sugar Poppa Likes”


Cal Gaines (E)

Various Demos/Remixes

   Destiny's Child, Faith Evans, Men Of Vision

   AZ-Yet, 112, Reg E. Gaines


Coca-Cola, Japan (P/A)

TV Commercial

   "Drink Coca-Cola"


Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany (P/A)

Web Design/Maintenance

   Design/Impliment New Website, While Maintaining Existing Site

   Record and Edit Video of Saul Kagan's Training Sessions for Historical Archives



ESPY Awards / Big East Tournament Bumpers

   Acappella Intros w/ Tony Danza



Big East Tournament Bumpers

   "ESPN", "Championship", "Prime Time"

   "Hoop Time", "March Madness"


HOT-97 FM (P/E)

Flava Flav Theme

   "Keep Your Chin Up"


Kleenex , Japan (W/P/A)

TV Commercial

   "Kleenex For You"


Nestle, Japan (P/E/A)

TV Commercial



RCA Records, NY (E)

Writing/Demo Session

   Various Songs for SWV


Sesame Street (W/P/A)

Various Video Excerpts

   "School", "AT", "ABCs Of Love"

   "Down Below The Street", "Hand Talk", "Hawaii"


Sesame Street (A)

Movie for Home Video

   "Elmo Saves Christmas"

   (Emmy Award-Best Children's Movie-1996)


Suzuki (P/E/A)

TV Commercial

   "Born Free"


Walt Disney Enterprises, Japan (P/E/A)

Disney Classics Album Releases

   "14 Karat Soul Sings Disney"   


Walt Disney Enterprises, Japan (P/E/A)

Disney Classics Album Release

   "Mo' Disney Mo' 14 Karat Soul"